"A Tradition of Service."

lady isabella

experience: 1999-2014
BA Mathematics and Accounting
specialties: shop management, technical support
hobbies: people watching, Latin dance

sister julietta

experience: 2000-2012
BS Social Science
PHD Child Psychology
specialties: phones and ordering, plant and garden care
hobbies: hair dressing, martial arts

salty margarita

experience: 6 years
BFA Textiles and Fibers
specialties: floral and garden design
hobbies: cardboard chewing, sailing

Señor Wellington

experience: 4 year
BA Philosophy
specialties: new employee training
hobbies: meditative arts

Nancita's Belladonna

experience: 9 months
Student of Public Relations
specialties: detail oriented
hobbies: beauty & modeling

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